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About Us

Welcome to AnimeStoreCenter, your online store specialized in Pokemon world!

We are probably the same as you, we are passionate about everything related to the Pokemon world. Since the first Pokemon game was created in 1996 for GameBoy we have played all versions and types of Pokemon related games; from video games to card games. Our passion doesn't end there, we are also followers of the Pokemon anime series since its beginnings and we follow the manga comics of the series month after month.

As with many of the popular series and games, a lot of merchandising products dedicated to the fans are often created. In the case of Pokemon, we feel that it is not enough to just be a follower or a fan of Pokemon, we must also show it with our clothes, in our room or in our lifestyle. Having our favorite Pokemon in the form of a plush toy, figure or having it printed on our t-shirt makes us unique and we love it.

That's the reason we have created this store dedicated to Pokemon, so that all those fans can find all the available products that exist and can have in a different way, what the games or the anime series can not give them. We have created an online store where you can quickly find Pokemon products separated by categories and presented in a product catalog that we believe is easy to navigate. In addition you will be happy to know that we ship all over the world.

We hope you find what you are looking for and welcome your online Pokemon store!

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